Upcycled Junk Journal Folio Flip Through & Junk Journal Ideas

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Looking for an example of a junk journal folio? Read on to see my flip through video of a lapbook folio I made recently, which was also completely upcycled!

The Inspiration & Story

For many years, my favourite pastime has been upcycling, which is probably yet another reason why I love junk journals so much.

One of my Christmas presents last year was a fold-out planner. It had sticky notes, a to-do list and a policy envelope inside.

So, what was my first thought?

Why, upcycle it, of course!

I knew instantly that I wanted to turn it into a flip-out folio of some sort. But I was already in the middle of a couple of projects (a winter junk journal made from sweet wrappers and this gorgeous wedding junk journal), so I put this particular project on the backburner.

Until I reached an incredible milestone on my YouTube channel – 1000 subscribers!

Once I’d gained over 900 subscribers, I started thinking of what kind of giveaway I could do once the 1000 figure rolled around. I wanted to celebrate hitting my milestone and to say thank you to everyone who’s supported me on this journey.

I remembered the planner and thought “That’s it! That’s the one! That’s the project!”

Upcycled Junk Journal Folio Lapbook
How my upcycled junk journal folio lapbook turned out

Although the project didn’t quite go according to plan (I’d initially wanted to have a franken paper notebook inside the folio), the rest of the project far exceeded my expectations.

Franken paper junk journal covers
Two franken paper journal covers, which will now be used for something else

I loved this project so much as it gave me the chance to make lots of ephemera for it from genuine trash/junk. I used junk mail envelopes, a leftover part from a board game, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange box and much more! See how I made the pieces below in this video.

Junk journal ephemera made from actual trash
Various ephemera I made from genuine trash/junk

I love how this folio turned out but making it was also very different from other junk journals I’ve made in the past.

Inside my purple junk journal folio lapbook
Inside the junk journal lapbook folio
Inside my purple junk journal folio lapbook
Inside the junk journal lapbook folio

This folio felt much more “modular”. As in, I could pick it up here and there and make a section of it and then just glue everything in once I’d finished making the ephemera. I don’t know what it was about this process; it just felt different.

Inside my purple junk journal folio lapbook
This folio is full of flips and flaps!

And now I’m hooked!

I absolutely love making folios and flip-outs, so watch this space for many more junk journal folio and lapbook projects to come.

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Upcycled Junk Journal Folio Flip Through Video

Take a look at my video on Youtube to see the flip through of my totally upcycled junk journal folio.

Please note that I also made this folio almost exclusively on video! You can see the full playlist here.

The Details

Lace snippet roll journal cover
A close up of the lace snippet roll on the cover

Love watching junk journal flip through videos? Here’s another one; this time for my wedding junk journal, which also featured lots of lace and pretty papers.

The Verdict

Would I make a flip-out folio out of an old planner again? Would I make another junk journal folio full stop?

Maybe. And definitely!

Now, I’m not going to actually go out and buy a planner to turn it into a folio. But, if one appeared in my craft room again, then I’d definitely give it another go.

And I would 100% make another junk journal folio. I already have a few envelope folios planned, as well as an altered file folder… and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Upcycled Junk Journal Folio Flip Through | Junk Journal Ideas
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