Recommended Junk Journal Printables (Tried & Tested!)

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With so many websites and Etsy shops selling beautiful junk journal printables, it can be hard to know which ones to buy.

Will the digital kit you choose be as high quality as what you can see on screen? Or will it be fuzzy and grainy?

Will the colours be bright and vivid? Or will the colours change completely and be way too dark when you print them out?

To help you out, I’ve listed below various junk journal printables I’ve personally tried and tested and had good results with.

I’ve printed them onto standard copy paper, white cardstock and genuine vintage paper. But I’ve yet to try them with the linen effect and matt photo paper I’ve recently treated myself to. I’ll be sure to update you on how I get on!

Still, if they printed well onto copy paper, then I’m confident I’ll have just as good, if not, better results with the higher quality paper.

Recommended Junk Journal Printables (Tried & Tested!)

For further junk journal inspiration, I’ve also listed some Etsy shops whose printables I still have on my wishlist.

I’ve heard amazing things about them throughout the junk journal community; I just can’t quite bring myself to pay for them just yet. Although I’ll be sure to update this blog post when I do.

Finally, if you love the look of junk journal printables but struggle with printing at home, you might want to consider the paper pads by Stamperia (my favourites are also listed below).

So, without further adieu, read on to discover:

  • My favourite junk journal printables I’ve personally tried and tested
  • Bonus junk journal printables I’ve seen used in a journal I bought
  • Junk journal printables still on my wish list
  • The best alternative to junk journal printables

9 Beautiful Junk Journal Printables (Tried & Tested!)

1. Secret Garden by TheJournalBoat

Secret Garden junk journal printable
Photo Credit: TheJournalBoat | Etsy

Pink and blue is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations and I just love using florals and botanical images in my journals. So when I saw this complete junk journal kit by TheJournalBoat on Etsy, I was instantly sold!

You get a total of 23 pages in this kit for a very good price, which includes:

  • 6 decorative journal pages
  • 2 vintage-style journal pages
  • 1 lined journal page
  • 7 decorative background pages
  • 7 pages of ephemera and elements (including journaling cards, pockets, tags, tickets, envelopes and more!)

Everything printed out beautifully and I’ve already started making my next journal with them, which I can’t wait to show you when it’s finished.

Check out the Secret Garden kit here.

2. Ephemera Sampler by SaturdayStamper

This vintage-style ephemera sampler by SaturdayStamper was one of the first junk journal printables I bought.

I was interested in what they would look like, but I was a bit worried about spending a lot of money on something that might not print very well at home (especially as I only have a fairly basic printer!)

Anyway, this sampler was a great introduction to the world of junk journal printables. It’s a high-quality print and features several different elements you might need like a snippet strip, tags, labels and a small collage page/large journaling card.

Take a look at it here.

3. Vintage Birds by VectoriaDesigns

You can’t really go wrong with the junk journal printables from VectoriaDesigns. They’re always super high-quality and their kits come loaded with so many extras you might not expect to see.

Their beautiful vintage birds kit is labelled as a mega kit because it includes a whopping 183 pages plus 28 templates to help you make a junk journal or memory book completely from scratch.

Check it out here.

If you’re unsure whether it’s worth it, then check out this Youtube video from Handmade of Stardust as she talks about how to get a freebie page from the kit.

4. Cozy Cottage by VectoriaDesigns

Cozy Cottage is another kit I like from VectoriaDesigns. It’s another “deluxe” or “mega” kit; this time with a Cottagecore kind of vibe to it.

In this kit, you get:

  • 24 junk journal pages
  • 8 background/collage papers
  • 6 sheets of embellishments
  • Bonus: 8 journal pages, 3 embellishment sheets and 5 additional papers

Take a look.

Once again, if you’re unsure if it’s for you, then you can grab a freebie page from the kit here.

5. My Botanical Field by VectoriaDesigns

I promise this is the last one from VectoriaDesigns I’m going to mention! Their “My Botanical Field” kit is smaller and much cheaper compared with the two above but it’s just as high quality.

This time, the theme is like a vintage botanical field diary and it’s chock full of images of various plants, flora and fauna.

This kit has:

  • 24 journal pages
  • 8 background/collage papers
  • 6 pages of embellishments

Check it out.

Or grab a freebie sheet from the kit via the link in this video to see if it’s what you’re after.

6. Vintage Digital Ephemera by Mypaperbits

Digital Ephemera from Mypaperbits
Picture Credit: Mypaperbits | Etsy

I always love seeing vintage ephemera printables that feature flowers on them. There’s just something so vintage and pretty about them.

This printable ephemera bundle from Mypaperbits doesn’t cost very much, but I do have to confess that some of the text detail was a little bit fuzzy when I printed the pages out.

However, I still like them and think they’re just perfect to use in collages and as backgrounds for pockets and tags. And given the price, this bundle is also a solid introduction to junk journal digitals and printables.

Take a look!

7. Sweet Treats Kitchen by TheJournalBoat

Sweet Treats Kitchen Junk Journal Kit

TheJournalBoat is one of my favourite shops on Etsy when it comes to junk journal printables. So when I wanted to make some recipe journals out of some placemats I had lying around, this was the first shop I looked at.

This “Sweet Treats Kitchen” kit was just what I was looking for and is such a good price! Especially when you consider everything you get inside your download:

  • 6 main decorative journal pages
  • 2 writing journal pages
  • 11 decorative background pages
  • 1 tea dyed style page
  • 10 pages of ephemera/elements

Take a look!

8. The Winter Rose by SweetVintagePrints

Winter Rose Journal

I’m so happy with this stunning pink winter kit! It printed out beautifully, and although you don’t get any ephemera with the kit (just journal pages, pockets and coordinating mini notebook pages), the pages are so gorgeous that you won’t even mind!

I’m currently using the Winter Rose kit from SweetVintagePrints to create a romantic journal for Valentine’s Day / wedding planning and the pages are just perfect for it!

Check it out!

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9. The Cottage Rose by CollageType

The Cottage Rose junk journal printable

I love using birds, flowers and lots of pink in my journals, so when I spotted The Cottage Rose kit by CollageType, I knew it would be perfect for me!

It prints out beautifully and I’ve already used some of the pages in various projects – such as this junk journal tag bookmark on video (where you can also see a sneak peek of the kit fully printed out).

Take a look!

PS If you like the printables by Nanine at CollageType, then why not join the Tatty Treasure & Friends Facebook group which I help to admin? Nanine works closely with Tania (aka Tatty Treasure) to create exclusive freebies for the group.

Bonus: Even More Junk Journal Printables Worth Considering

My botanical junk journal
My botanical junk journal
Photo Credit: Lunapapercrafting | Etsy

I bought my first junk journal from an Etsy shop called Lunapapercrafting. It has a botanical theme and uses junk journal printables throughout in shades of green, yellow and purple.

When I received it, I couldn’t help but find out who had designed the pages I liked most. Naturally, I’ve listed them down below for you to check out as well.

Plus, you’ll also love using labels from Tracie Fox (who is LoveJunkJournals on Etsy). I’ve bought these Random Sciency Labels and her Fabric Swatch Labels and I’ll happily use them in almost all of my projects!

Botanical Ephemera from RomanticaArts
Photo Credit: RomanticaArts | Etsy

Junk Journal Printables Still On My Wish List

As I discover new Etsy shops and junk journalers on Youtube, I’m also discovering more and more junk journal printables I’d like to treat myself to one day.

For inspiration, check out the junk journal printables still on my wish list here.

My Junk Journal Printables Wish List

I’ve also linked to the shops I really want to buy printables from below:

Best Alternative To Junk Journal Printables

Don’t have access to a printer? Finding printing costs too expensive? I’ve also been very impressed with Stamperia’s paper pads.

They’re a little pricey, but they definitely have the same sort of look as a lot of the junk journal printables out there. So in my opinion, they’re the best alternative to printable junk journal pages or digitals.

I’ve already bought the “Orchids and Cats” and “Provence” paper pads and I have many more on my wishlist that I’ll likely treat myself to in the future.

You can find Stamperia’s paper pads on Amazon or in some craft stores.

Stamperia Paper Pads

I hope you’ve found this list of recommended junk journal printables helpful. I’ll certainly keep it updated as I try out more and more printables.

New to junk journaling? Take a look at some of my other blog posts for even more junk journal inspiration:

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Recommended Junk Journal Printables (Tried & Tested!)
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  1. Hi Justine – I just found your channel. Love, love, love so many great ideas. I have been a long time card maker until I found junk journaling. I have gotten the junk journal bug. I look at junk journaling as a bigger card with more pages. I love the detail that you put in your DIY’s. I find so many great ideas from different channels. If you love Ruby&Pearlxo (one of my favs) check out Sam Poole. She has beautiful digitals. Thank you for sharing…I have some catching up to do! Pamela A / PA, US

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