My Favourite Etsy Shops For Junk Journal Supplies

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Today, I’m giving a shoutout to all my favourite shops on Etsy that sell junk journal supplies – for two reasons.

First, who doesn’t love treating themselves to new craft supplies? While you don’t necessarily need any fancy junk journal supplies to get started, it’s a lot of fun to treat ourselves to a few “nice-to-haves” once we’re more familiar and comfortable with our styles and what we like. 

The shops I’ve listed below are all ones I’ve bought gorgeous junk journal supplies from (physical ones; I’ve written a separate blog about my favourite junk journal printables, which I’m slowly adding to over time).

But there’s another reason for this shoutout today. I was recently named Etsy’s “Affiliate of the Month/Rising Star” for the UK, which I was over the moon with!

My House of Mahalo blog and YouTube channel are still fairly new. I launched them during the start of the pandemic when I saw the travel industry take a hit – naturally affecting my travel blog, Wanderers of the World

Now more than ever, when I do well at something, such as hitting a new milestone, winning awards, etc, I always want to find a way to “give back” or “pay it forward”. Because we’re all stronger together, right? 

This is why I want to take the time to recognise some of my favourite Etsy shops for junk journal supplies. I hope it gives you some inspiration, but I also hope it does the shops and the shop owners some good as well.

Let’s get to it, shall we?!

My Favourite Etsy Shops For Junk Journal Supplies

As I mentioned earlier, these are my favourite shops on Etsy (at the time of writing) for junk journal supplies. 

I’ve already listed some of my favourite printables and shops selling digitals. But today, I’m focusing on inspiring, beautiful and downright useful physical junk journal supplies.

1. TattyTreasureShop


Tania from TattyTreasure not only has an inspiring YouTube channel, which I happily watch every day, but she also has an inspiring Etsy shop as well. 

Her handmade journals, ephemera and embellishments are gorgeous! 

But she also sells various supply bundles in her shop, which are useful for when you want to try out a project, but you don’t necessarily need a hundred different supplies.

I love her paper bag and envelope bundles (they’re fabulous for when you want to give an altered file folder project a go) and I’ve also bought file folders from her as well (because the alternative is having a hundred of them, rather than just a handful).

Check out TattyTreasureShop on Etsy >>

2. CameliaCraftsDesigns


Once again, I love Julie’s YouTube channel. But her Etsy shop is also the first place I go when I’m looking for eyelash trim and vintage tickets

She sells eyelash trim in sections of five metres and they each come on handy “spools” to help you organize your stash

As for the vintage tickets, she sells them in quantities of 50 or 100 and they’re very good quality considering their age.

Check out CameliaCraftsDesigns on Etsy >>

3. SplatteredInky


Trace’s shop is the first place I look when I’m after crinkled seam binding or sari silk ribbon. 

She hand-dyes them herself and they’re so reasonably priced! I love the colours and effects she gets. 

Once again, I find her shop handy for when I just want to buy a metre or two of something.

Check out SplatteredInky on Etsy >>

4. RachandBellaCrafts


RachandBellaCrafts offer some beautiful printables in their Etsy shop, but I also love the vintage fabrics and haberdashery items they sell as well. 

Once again – and you might be sensing a theme here – I love that they sell them in bundles. 

So, you can treat yourself to several different items without needing to buy great big quantities of each thing. I suppose this works like an inspiration pack, which is helpful for those just starting out or working on a particular project. 

I must say their handmade journals are also simply stunning!

Check out RachandBellaCrafts on Etsy >>

5. VintageLinenPantry


Speaking of gorgeous journals and vintage fabrics, I’d also recommend checking out VintageLinenPantry

Over the past year, I’ve found various supplies in Charise’s shop such as vintage wallpaper packs and textile bundles. 

I favourited her shop, so I get notified whenever she lists new goodies – and almost always, they either go straight into my basket or onto my “buy next” wishlist. 

Check out VintageLinenPantry on Etsy >>

6. CharlieChicksUK


While I’ve bought lovely journals from Roni and Vicki’s shop, I also love their ephemera; particularly their fussy cut kits, such as these butterfly, florals and autumn packs.

They’re reasonably priced and offer lots of variety for your craft projects.

Check out CharlieChicksUK on Etsy >>

7. sheepleproofgifts


When I was first building my junk journal supplies stash, I knew I wanted lots of lace and ribbons for my projects. 

But I wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I bought a grab bag of lace from sheepleproofgifts on Etsy… and it was fantastic! 

I went back to buy several more packs a week later and – while I’m still working my way through them now – I found the packs very helpful for building my stash quickly.

Check out sheepleproofgifts on Etsy >>

8. FrancaisVintage


FrancaisVintage is another shop I love for finding beautiful vintage fabrics and other goodies. 

Nicola offers a great selection of fabrics and linens – in colours I adore! I also like that she bundles some of her items together into creative inspiration packs and starter kits.

Check out FrancaisVintage on Etsy >>

9. FelixLovesFabric


When I’m looking for Tim Holtz fabric, I often check out FelixLovesFabric on Etsy

They sell various designs of fabric – including several Tim Holtz styles – by the fat quarter. This is a really handy size for making a journal with – without breaking the bank or having to buy loads of fabric for just the odd project here and there. 

There are also lots of other fabrics in their shop you might like to take a look at as well.

Check out FelixLovesFabric on Etsy >>

10. VintageJournalCo


I like to peruse VintageJournalCo’s shop for stickers and random ephemera. 

Not only do they sell general sticker packs and supplies, but they’ve also designed their own range of stickers as well. 

Be warned, though! You may end up spending hours looking through their shop as they’ve got lots and lots of variety in there!

Check out VintageJournalCo on Etsy >>

11. dadastickers


dadastickers is another of my favourite shops for buying fun stickers, but I also love their washi tape selection as well. 

I often only need to buy one or two packs of stickers at a time, so I find dadastickers’ shop particularly helpful in that regard, rather than having to buy stickers in bulk elsewhere.

Check out dadastickers on Etsy >>

12. NantDesigns


And finally, I buy my waxed linen thread from NantDesigns

Carole sells the thread in quantities of 20 or 50 metres and it’s really good quality. While she uses it for professional bookbinding, I love using it for binding my journals

And in these quantities, I only need to buy a spool of thread every few months or so.

Check out NantDesigns on Etsy >>

BONUS: HouseOfMahaloDesigns


Well, I couldn’t resist a shameless plug, could I? *wink*

While I have lots more goodies I still need to list in my shop, I currently sell various vintage papers for junk journaling, including book page packs, mixed ephemera, wallpaper packs and more.

Take a look at my shop on Etsy here >>

My “Pay It Forward” Giveaway

My giveaway for a £50 Etsy gift card, which was sponsored by Etsy, is now closed. I’ll announce the winner shortly. Thank you to all those who entered and good luck!

And there you have it! My favourite Etsy shops for when you’re on the hunt for beautiful, interesting or helpful junk journal supplies. Have I missed any of your favourites? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll happily check them out…

For more recommended junk journal supplies, please take a look at my other blogs:

Did you find a new shop to add to your favourites list? Why not spread the word and share this list around?

12 Fabulous Junk Journal Shops You’ll Love!
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  1. My favourite Etsy shop is Shabbydabbydodah. Tina’s digitals are the most amazing papers. Well priced and so much variety. Something for every junk journal taste.

  2. A few of the shops you mentioned are also my favorites. I have purchased from RachandBellaCrafts and I also enjoy their videos on Youtube. They create lovely digitals and journals. Congrats on your achievements. I love your videos and creations! Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Hi Justine, congrats on your recognition! My fave shops on etsy are artfullyamusing, myporchprints and my own theoctopodefactory 😏😉
    Mandy xx

  4. I love so many of the ones you have already listed and will add 9 of crones (love her for dyed papers) and The Lunar Mandala (plug for me 🙂 )

  5. Congratulations Justine.. If i won the money i would turn it over for some Time in Etsy 😉

  6. A huge congratulations on your well deserved recognition it couldn’t have gone to anyone more worthy 💜
    Some of my favourite Etsy shop ummmmm where do I start 🙄 I love taylormadejournals – rubber stamps
    Yarnyarnyarns – sari silks
    Diabitys – stickers for diabetic pens and machines (my grandson is diabetic)
    The journal boat – digitals
    Tatty treasures/camellia craft designs – ephemera
    And of course my own the paper shed uk

    Good luck to everyone who enters and wishing you all the best for the future Justine well done 💜

  7. Hi Justine congratulations on your recognition from Etsy it is well deserved 🥰 One of my favourite Etsy shops that I have purchased from many times for sari silk is SuesCountryCreations . Thank you for being so generous in sharing your gift good luck to all who participate 🌸

  8. Justine, I found your videos recently in regards to the fairy journals. I have been loving the content. I also enjoy being part of the Facebook community for junk journals with Sunflowers and Dors. Tha k you for all the inspiration. From. USA.

  9. Congratulations Justine
    I buy alot of kits from Junk with Steph, luise Heinzl, I like their grungy style.

  10. My favourite Etsy shop is TattyTreasureShop as I like her journal very much. She has also nice supplies of paper bag

  11. Congratulations! I am a recent subscriber but love your videos.
    I’ve not bought physical junk journal supplies on Etsy- just digitals from Luise Heinzl. I will check some of your favorites out.
    My favorite shop is Angelwear Creations who makes wonderful jewelry.

  12. Update to my previous comment- I just remembered that I bought eyelets from Lulu’s Clever Crafts. Her customer service was fantastic.

  13. Congratulations on being recognised as a shining star your watchers always knew you were anyway. I will try out some of your favourite shops. I love to shop at Collagetype because I make a lot of file folios and there are lots of A4 portrait size papers.

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