Introducing My New Tool: The Digital Kit Catalog

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When I started sharing my Stashbusting 101 videos, I asked all of you what you were struggling with.

Other than being overwhelmed by a mountain of book pages and various other supplies, several of you also said you were finding it hard to keep track of your digital kits.

Which means:

  • You keep forgetting about kits you’ve bought in the past.
  • So you have to do weird workarounds in Etsy to stop yourself from buying the same kits more than once.
  • And even then, some of you still bought kits you already own!

I thought: There’s got to be a better way!

So off I went to look for a solution.

Nothing. Nada.

I couldn’t find a tool or software that fixed this problem successfully or easily.

So… me being me, I created my own tool called The Digital Kit Catalog and it’s now officially ready for the big wide world!

The Digital Kit Catalog by House of Mahalo

This easy-to-use yet highly customisable tool is the new way to track, find and organise your junk journal digitals and printables, so you can focus on the fun part: creating!

Today, I want to share all the details about this new tool and why I believe it can really help you organise your kits and prevent you from forgetting all about them. Or worse… buying a kit you already own!

With The Digital Kit Catalog, you can…

  • Make wishlists: So you can easily find a new kit or product for your upcoming projects.
  • Keep track of your purchases: No more buying kits you already own!
  • Catalog your digital kits by designer and theme: Yay for being more organised!
  • Keep a record of your favourite designers: Quickly navigate straight to their shops, YouTube channels and Facebook groups.
Using The Digital Kit Catalog to organise junk journal digitals

But wait… there’s more!

With every purchase of The Digital Kit Catalog, I’m throwing in:

  • Training videos to help you use it (even though you probably don’t need them because it’s SUPER simple to use!)
  • Two pages of printable nature words and phrases… designed by yours truly.
  • A bonus wishlist feature to help you keep track of other products you love.
  • An invite to my new members-only Facebook group, which I’ve lovingly nicknamed: “The House of Mahalo Clubhouse”.

Do you want to see The Digital Kit Catalog in action?

Check out the video below to see my own personal copy of the tool, so you can see what the catalog will look like once you’ve added your kits to it.

On the fence? Here’s what others are saying…

“This tool has easy-to-follow tutorials that helped me get set up quickly and personalize the catalog for my personal preferences. The ability to search for kits by theme is one of my favorite benefits as it enables me to save time when planning projects. The Wishlist and the wonderful way it prioritizes is going to help me save money when shopping. This is something I’ve needed for quite a while! It has more than I expected. Excellent tool!” – Rose Vining

“The new digital tracker is a fabulous idea! I like how easy it is to add themes; I’ve added Rustic and Grunge so far and only been playing for about 10 mins. I’ve also added a favourite field with a green star, which helps me filter between 5 star quality and my favs. This is a super cool platform and very easy to use!” – Mandy Reed from Sunflowers And Dors

Next Steps

Are you ready to start organising your digital kits? Or… do you still have questions about my tool?

Take a look at this page for all the details, including some screenshots of the tool and answers to various frequently asked questions.

I’m really excited about how much The Digital Kit Catalog can help you and other junk journalers stay organised. If you decide to purchase my new tool, I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Also… do you fancy helping me spread the word about it? Please consider sharing this blog post or my sales page with anyone who might find my new tool useful.

Lots of love, Justine xoxo

Introducing The Digital Kit Catalog by House of Mahalo
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