Romantic Wedding Junk Journal Flip Through & Wedding Junk Journal Ideas

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If you’d like to see an example of a wedding junk journal, then here’s a flip through and more info about one I made recently. I hope you find my blog and video full of inspiring junk journal ideas!

When I was first making the cover of my Shades of Winter junk journal (the one I made from sweet wrappers and lace), I made a few “mistakes” along the way.

Of course, there are no mistakes when making junk journals. Only happy accidents we can turn into something beautiful and functional.

In my case, my romantic wedding junk journal was born out of my winter project – and I’m officially in love with how it turned out.

If you’d like to see my journal in detail and hear more about the project, then here’s my wedding junk journal flip through video and the story behind how this journal came to be.

Romantic Wedding Junk Journal Flip Through Video

Take a look at my video on Youtube to see my wedding junk journal flip through. Please excuse my voice in the video; I was recovering from a bad cough at the time.

The Details

  • The cover: sparkly felt covered with lace and lined with gold upholstery fabric
  • Number of signatures: 1
  • Number of pages: 48 (counting front and back)
  • Spine: hidden behind white lace
  • Binding: 3-hole pamphlet stitch using lightly waxed linen thread
  • Materials used: lace (and lots of it!), vintage fabric and trims, cardstock, envelopes, an assortment of vintage papers and this Winter Rose kit from Sweet Vintage Prints
  • Extras: this journal comes with a vintage brooch; a silver rose (someone’s “something old” perhaps?)
Romantic wedding junk journal with lots of fabric and lace
The closure is a piece of chiffon trimmed with gold. Underneath that is a layered fabric pocket I made out of different pieces of trim and beading. There’s a vintage wedding postcard inside the pocket.

New to junk journaling? Take a look at my A-Z of junk journal definitions to learn heaps about this fun craft!

The Inspiration & Story

As I mentioned, this wedding junk journal was born out of my previous project; my Shades of Winter junk journal.

When I was making the cover for that one out of sweet wrappers and lace, I thought I was going to line my cover with some sparkly felt covered with lace.

I soon realised this was going to make my journal cover far too bulky. So I changed my mind and lined the cover with beautiful scrapbook paper instead.

This meant the sparkly felt I’d planned to use was leftover.

When my husband saw it wrapped in the lace, he immediately said that it would be perfect for a wedding junk journal.

And that was it!

I found a beautiful digital junk journal kit to use (this one from Sweet Vintage Prints) and off I went to create my first wedding junk journal.

I made most of this journal and the ephemera inside on video. You can see my full playlist here.

Love watching junk journal flip through videos? Here’s another one; this time for my mini lace journals.

The Verdict

Would I make a wedding junk journal again? Maybe.

While I loved making this wedding journal, it’s quite a niche type of junk journal, so I wouldn’t make them all the time. But every so often, I’d be very happy to make one here and there.

Romantic Wedding Junk Journal Flip Through | Junk Journal Ideas
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