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Quick & Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Using Book Pages

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So you want to find some useful wrapping paper alternatives and make your very own DIY wrapping paper? Excellent decision!

It’s super quick and easy to do. And the best bit? You probably already have most of what you need at home.

For this tutorial, we’re using book pages because who doesn’t love literary wrapping paper and fun book page crafts?

So, without further adieu, read on to find out how to make your very own book page wrapping paper.

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DIY Wrapping Paper Using Book Pages – Quick & Easy How To!

DIY Wrapping Paper Using Book Pages


  • Book pages of your choice (they need to be strong enough for you to wrap your gifts, but not excessively strong that you can’t fold them easily)
  • Paper scissors
  • Strong, good quality glue that doesn’t warp paper such as Collall All Purpose Glue or Beacon 3-in-1 Glue
  • (Optional) Additional decorations such as washi tape, stamping, postage stamps, twine, ribbon, lace, etc


Step 1: Prepare your book pages

Start by trimming the edges of your book pages so you don’t have any borders showing.

While not essential, your DIY wrapping paper won’t look as pretty with large patches of white everywhere.

That said, you could always tie some ribbon or lace around your gift to “hide” the white edges.

Book page wrapping paper
The white lace I’ve tied around my gift “hides” the fact that I didn’t cut off the white edges of the book pages

Step 2: Glue your book pages together

Using a strong, good quality glue that won’t warp your paper, such as Collall All Purpose Glue or Beacon 3-in-1, glue your book pages together.

Add a line of glue to the right-hand side of your first book page and overlap your second page slightly on top of the glue. Continue along this row until you think you have a good amount of width.

Next, glue more book pages above your first row. To do this, you’ll need to overlap the next row of book pages in the same way as before, as well as overlapping each page beneath this row.

Continue in this way until you have enough wrapping paper for your gifts.

You’ll likely need a large work surface to make your wrapping paper, but you can also roll the paper up as you work as well.

DIY wrapping paper using book pages tutorial
Overlap your book pages and glue along each edge as you go

Step 3: (Optional) Add extra decorations

If you like, you could add further decoration to your wrapping paper – especially if you’re using plain book pages that need a little bit of jazzing up.

Things like washi tape, ink stamping, postage stamps, fussy cuts, ribbon, lace, etc can all be added to further decorate your wrapping paper.

Just think about where you might end up folding your paper to wrap your gifts as you may find wrapping your gifts will be more difficult if you have too many extra layers along the edges of things.

You could always add extra decorations once you’ve actually finished wrapping your gifts.

Step 4: Leave to dry and then wrap up your gifts!

Once your wrapping paper’s dry (you should only need to wait an hour or two), it’s time to have fun wrapping your gifts with your very own handmade wrapping paper!

You should also be able to roll up your book page wrapping paper fairly easily and tie it with some ribbon, twine or elastic bands so you can store it as a roll of wrapping paper.

DIY wrapping paper using book pages
You should be able to roll your wrapping paper up and secure it with ribbon or elastic for easy storage

BONUS: Quick & Easy DIY Gift Tags Using Book Pages

If you have some book pages leftover, or you simply want to make some coordinating gift tags, then why not make your very own gift tags using book pages as well?

Here’s how:

  • Glue plain paper onto the back of your leftover book pages (for writing on)
  • Cut out some circles using a large circle punch
  • Use a hole punch to make a smaller hole at the top of your gift tags (so you can slip them onto some twine or ribbon when wrapping your gifts)

Just be careful not to pull on the tag too much as you may rip your hole. You can always add a hole reinforcer or eyelet to them if you’re worried about that happening.

DIY book page gift tags
Coordinating book page gift tags

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DIY Wrapping Paper [Video]

If you’d like to see exactly how I made my DIY wrapping paper, then why not join me on this craft with me style video? I hope you enjoy it!

And there you have it! I told you it’s quick and easy to make your own DIY wrapping paper using book pages. Now… what book pages do you plan on using?

Did you like this quick book page wrapping paper how to? Then why not pin or bookmark it now, so you can refer back to it later?

Quick & Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Using Book Pages
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