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Feeling inspired after watching PinkMonarchPrint’s Youtube video, I created my very own junk journal ephemera folio out of envelopes.

It’s got lace. It’s got multiple pockets and flip-outs. And it’s got a lot of pink!

Scroll down to watch my flip through video and see some photos of how it looks and what’s inside. I hope it serves as ample junk journal inspiration for you!

Junk Journal Ephemera Folio Flip Through Video

Take a look at my video on Youtube to see my flip through of my pretty-in-pink ephemera folio.

The Details

  • Made from: envelopes, scrapbook paper and washi tape
  • Number of pockets: 8 (3 on the front, 5 inside)
  • Difficulty: easy (ideal for beginners)
  • Techniques used: lots of glueing(!) plus whatever you want to make ephemera-wise
Pink chic junk journal ephemera folio
Front pocket of my pink chic junk journal ephemera folio

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The Inspiration

As I was very new to junk journaling at the time, I didn’t quite feel ready to make a full-blown junk journal yet – or have to bind one!

So I started small.

I started making various ephemera at first and then I saw this Youtube video by PinkMonarchPrints for an ephemera folio that had lots of interesting flip-outs using envelopes.

So I decided to make one of my own!

I used an A4-sized manila envelope as my base, folded it in half and then started arranging my other envelopes where I wanted them.

Inside the junk journal ephemera folio
Inside the junk journal ephemera folio
Inside the junk journal ephemera folio
Inside the junk journal ephemera folio

The rest was easy as it was just adding embellishments and deciding what ephemera to include in the folio.

I just love how “shabby chic-esque” it looks, and in my opinion, you can never have too much pink!

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The Verdict

Would I make this junk journal ephemera folio again?

Gladly. I really enjoyed making it and piecing together the puzzle of where to put the envelopes. Plus you can fit a surprising amount inside it!

Ephemera from inside my junk journal ephemera folio

If you’re interested in seeing a tutorial of how I made the folio, then just leave me a comment below or on my Youtube video and I’ll happily create one on video for you!

Much love,

Justine xoxo

Pink Chic Junk Journal Ephemera Folio Flip Through | Junk Journal Ideas

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