Tim Holtz Ring-Bound Junk Journal: Flip Through & Ideas

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If you’re like most people, when you think of a Tim Holtz junk journal, you probably think of something that’s dark and grungy and perhaps just a little bit weird and wacky.

You probably rarely think of soft colours and lots of lace.

But that’s how I interpreted my Tim Holtz ring-bound junk journal last year.

My friend Mandy (known as SunflowersAndDors on YouTube) kindly sent me Tim Holtz’s 12×12 “Memoranda” scrapbook paper.

And I was instantly struck by the gorgeous pinks and blues on some of the papers!

I’d always wanted to try making a ring-bound junk journal and this paper was perfect for my project.

Here’s a “behind-the-scenes” look at how my journal took shape.

Tim Holtz Ring-Bound Junk Journal Flip Through

If you’d like to see a full flip through of my Tim Holtz ring-bound junk journal, then here’s a link to my video on YouTube. I hope you like it!

The “Making Of”

As I mentioned before, it was the pinks and blues within Tim Holtz’s “Memoranda” paper pad that inspired me to make this beauty.

I made the cover by upcycling an old book and then I created a unique collage full of vintage ephemera, paper scraps, lace and bling to go on the front.

Tim Holtz ringbound junk journal
A beautiful collaged cover full of genuine vintage ephemera, paper scraps, lace and bling

With a ring-bound junk journal, you have more freedom than usual to create unique and interesting pages, which is the main reason why I wanted to make one.

From giant tag pocket pages to pages made from junk mail and envelopes, I had a lot of fun making this one.

Notebook page inside my Tim Holtz ring bound junk journal
The inside front cover and the removable journal
Pocket pages inside my Tim Holtz ring bound junk journal
Pocket pages made from the Tim Holtz paper pad and envelopes
Playing card bellyband inside my Tim Holtz ring bound junk journal
A mixed media page with playing card bellyband and one side of the giant tag pocket page
More pockets inside my Tim Holtz ring bound junk journal
The inside back cover

Many of the page ideas were inspired by other creators I’d seen on YouTube including:

Each of these fabulous crafters have made wonderful ring-bound junk journals in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed adapting their ideas to suit the style and theme of my own pretty ring-bound junk journal.

I also had fun coming up with a “story” as I made the journal.

By the time I was ready to film the flip through, I’d invented an aristocratic woman called Lady Charlotte Holtz and this journal became her scrapbook full of mementoes, memories and musings from her life.

Envelope page inside my Tim Holtz ring bound junk journal
The journal is full of vintage ephemera and pretty little details from Lady Charlotte’s life

If you’d like to see how this journal came together, then I made a series of videos to show my process. Here’s the complete playlist. I hope you enjoy watching my videos.

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The Verdict

So, would I make a Tim Holtz junk journal again? And will I make another ring-bound junk journal? Yes. And Yes.

I’m going to use the “Wallflower” paper pad for my next Tim Holtz project, but I don’t yet know when this will be or what it’ll look like.

As for my next ring-bound junk journal, I want to make one inspired by daisies and bees. Hopefully, I’ll make that one later this year, so watch this space!

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Tim Holtz Ring-Bound Junk Journal: Flip Through & Ideas
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