Christmas Junk Journal Collection 2021: Flip Throughs & Ideas

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When I started making junk journals, I noticed a few people talking about Christmas junk journals and something called a “December Daily”.

I had various Christmas supplies from previous projects, so I thought it would be fun to make a collection of journals using them.

Even though I made them one after the other, each of my Christmas journals turned out very differently.

In this blog post, you’ll find video flip throughs of each of them alongside photos and the “back story” as to where I got my inspiration from.

If anything, I hope you’ll discover plenty of inspiring Christmas junk journal ideas for your own journal making.

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My Christmas Junk Journal Collection 2021

“Happiness At Christmas” Junk Journal Flip Through

Take a look at my video on Youtube to watch the flip through of my “Happiness At Christmas” junk journal.

The Inspiration & Story

One of the things I love most about junk journals is how we can use almost anything and upcycle or repurpose it.

In this case, my husband and I had received a gorgeous Christmas card from my mum a few years prior. It featured a stack of green and gold presents and I just knew it should be used in something more interesting than just a gift tag.

So, when I decided to make some Christmas junk journals, I knew the stack of presents should be my focal image on one of the covers.

I then started layering up some laces and trims around it. Mostly because the fussy cut was too small for my cover on its own. Once I’d added some lace to the side of it and beneath it, the cover really started to take shape.

I then added a ribbon to the top of the presents to finish it off. I then found another Christmas card, which was wishing us “Happiness at Christmas” and that was it! I had a name for the journal and the sentiment also looked lovely inside a bookplate.

Happiness at Christmas junk journal

From there, I simply used what I had in my stash to make the pages and ephemera.

I mainly used Christmas cards, book pages, scrapbook paper and various tea-dyed papers to make everything inside the journal, so although there are lots of fun Christmas images inside, there are also lots of pockets, tuck spots and writing space.

I think this was my favourite Christmas junk journal I made this year. I love the modern feel of it and that there was a lot of upcycling and repurposing involved. Even the fabric was a leftover piece from an old Christmas project!

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“Talk To Father Christmas” Junk Journal Flip Through

Here’s the flip through video of my “Talk To Father Christmas” junk journal.

The Inspiration & Story

For my next two Christmas journals, I wanted to use some gold upholstery fabric I had in my stash. It’s vintage and luxurious and I thought it would be just right for some Christmas journals.

In hindsight, it was perhaps too thick for the outside of the journals, but it all worked out in the end.

For this journal, I was inspired by the vintage brooch you can see on the cover. It was just something I had in my stash and I thought the green, red, white and gold looked just like a vintage Father Christmas’s belt buckle or something.

So, I went in search of Father Christmas images and found a charming picture in a book. I then started building the cover around the image and I decided the brooch would be a fun closure. I also had some vintage gold trim in my stash, which also had Father Christmas vibes.

Talk To Father Christmas junk journal

Inside, the journal is fairly similar to the first one as I used similar papers for each of my journals. As I’ve mentioned, I was simply using what I already had in my stash.

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“Christmas in the Mountains” Junk Journal Flip Through

And finally, check out this video to see my “Christmas in the Mountains” junk journal flip through.

The Inspiration & Story

For this journal, I was inspired by a vintage envelope I found in my stash. It had “Christmas in the Mountains” stamped on it – and just like that, I had a name for my next journal!

I then found a Stamperia image in my stash of a charming house in the snow. Which I then fancied up with some white cardstock, laces and ribbons. I noticed a small stack of presents on the doorstep in the picture, so I partnered this journal up with a vintage brooch featuring a bow – almost like you’re opening a gift when you open the journal.

Christmas in the Mountains junk journal

Once again, I used similar papers inside.

But I had also started to get more confident with making journals at this point, so I also tried out lots of different techniques I’d never done before, including these flip-out envelope pockets with a faux poinsettia policy closure.

The Verdict

Would I make more Christmas junk journals? Absolutely!

I still have lots of stuff left in my stash to use in some Christmas-themed journals. But truthfully, I’m not sure I would make a collection one after the other again as I felt like I started to run out of steam and had fewer supplies by the third one.

Instead, I think I would either make just one fully embellished journal or a trio of naked or less embellished journals.

But… we’ll just see what happens next year, shall we? *wink*

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Christmas Junk Journal Collection 2021 ~ Flip Throughs & Christmas Junk Journal Ideas
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