Little Golden Book Junk Journals: Flip Throughs & Ideas

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Little Golden Book junk journals were on my “to-make” list for a while.

I’d seen various creators making them and they looked like a lot of fun to work on.

I wasn’t wrong. I had an absolute blast making two Christmas-themed Little Golden Book journals earlier this year.

One tells the story of “The Night Before Christmas” while the other one tells the story of “The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas”.

In this blog post, you’ll find video flip throughs of each of them alongside photos and more information about the “making of”.

If anything, I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiring junk journal ideas for your own projects.

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My Little Golden Book Junk Journals

“The Night Before Christmas” Junk Journal Flip Through

Watch my video on YouTube to see a flip through of my “The Night Before Christmas” Little Golden Book junk journal.

The “Making Of”

The Night Before Christmas is one of my all-time favourite Christmas stories (or poems). I probably have The Santa Clause (my all-time favourite Christmas movie) to thank for that.

So, when I decided to try making a Little Golden Book junk journal, this book was first on my list to find.

The Night Before Christmas Little Golden Book Junk Journal

Repurposing the book cover was a fun challenge – from removing the gold foil along the spine without damaging it to making my own spine and beyond.

The story pages inside are beautiful too; so vintage-looking, yet bright and colourful at the same time, so I knew I had to keep them intact as best as I could.

I had a lot of fun matching my papers to the storybook pages while making lots of my own festive and fun ephemera to go in each of the pockets and tuck spots.

If you’d like to see exactly how I made this Little Golden Book journal, then I have a three-part video series on my YouTube channel to show you the process from practically start to finish. I hope you enjoy the videos.

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“The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” Junk Journal Flip Through

Here’s the flip through video of my “The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” Little Golden Book junk journal.

The “Making Of”

Once I’d decided to make some Little Golden Book junk journals, I knew I wanted to make at least two of them.

I find making multiples of things is a great way to learn!

While searching for Little Golden Books on eBay, I found “The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas” and knew this was the one for me.

I mean, come on, how cute is this cheeky little puppy?

The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas Little Golden Book Junk Journal

While “The Night Before Christmas” features a lot of traditional Christmas colours and images, this book has that as well as wintery, snowy pages.

So this was a fun contrast to match my papers and ephemera with. I love working with winter themes!

The Verdict

Would I make more Little Golden Book junk journals? Possibly.

While I had a lot of fun making these journals and I love how they turned out, I’ve decided to focus on nature themes for my journals going into 2023.

Themes such as florals and botany, forests and woodlands and winter rather than Christmas are much more up my street as they say.

Still, I developed a lot of skills from making these Little Golden Book journals, particularly on how to repurpose book covers (no matter what size spine they have).

So this definitely opens up a world of possibilities for my future projects. Watch this space!

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Little Golden Book Junk Journals: Flip Throughs & Ideas
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