Botanical Boho Junk Journal Flip Through & Ideas

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The more beautiful boho junk journals I saw, the more excited I got to make my own. Here’s a sneak peek of how it turned out (including a flip through video).

My boho journal is a little different from the usual (you’ll see why shortly) and it also has a bit of a botanical twist to it… because it wouldn’t be one of my journals without that.

I hope you like what I’ve created and that it serves as some inspiration for your own journals.

Botanical Boho Junk Journal Flip Through Video

Take a look at my video on Youtube to see my chatty flip through.

The Details

  • The cover: cardstock inside a thick envelope and covered with beautiful boho-inspired fabrics and embellishments
  • Number of signatures: 1
  • Number of pages: 56 (counting front and back)
  • Spine: hidden behind some beautiful crochet and pearl lace
  • Binding: 5-hole pamphlet stitch using wax thread
  • Difficulty: medium (I didn’t use too many fancy techniques, but this one is certainly tricky to create if it’s your first journal)
  • Techniques used: sewing, decoupage, stencilling, fussy cutting, ruffles (and glueing!)
  • Materials used: cardstock, envelopes, fabrics, trims, ribbons, lace, an assortment of vintage papers, scrapbook papers, book pages, wallpaper samples, and much, much more!
The cover is just one of the many reasons why I called this the “Celebration of Colour” journal

New to junk journaling? Take a look at my A-Z of junk journal definitions to learn heaps about this fun craft!

The Inspiration & Story

Believe it or not, I didn’t think my first major junk journal project would be a boho journal.

I actually thought it would be something pink, full of lace and much more shabby chic-esque (kind of like my first ephemera folio).

However, the more boho journals I saw on Etsy, Instagram and Youtube, the more inspired I became to make one of my own.

About the same time as this, one of the Facebook groups I was in (it’s called Junk Journal Trading Post) had an event running where we could swap supplies with someone else in the group.

So, I put a request out to see if anyone had any boho-inspired fabrics or trims, or any sparkly fabrics. In return, I could offer plenty of vintage ephemera.

I ended up swapping with Rachel from RachandBellaCrafts (the owner of the group), and within just a couple of days, we’d exchanged our items.

She sent me so many gorgeous fabrics and trims, which initially, I was just going to pop in my stash for a later time.

But… upon seeing the fabrics, the design for the cover almost instantly popped into my head and so I went with it.

Making the journal now was clearly meant to be…

Love watching flip through videos? Here’s another one; this time for my mini lace journals.

The Verdict

Would I make a boho junk journal again? Probably.

I had a lot of fun using all these bright colours, which don’t really have their place within any other theme, so I guess it makes sense for me to make another one.

Or maybe I’ll save some bright colours for a spring or summer themed journal? That could also be really fun!

If you’d like to know more about how I made this journal, please leave me a comment below or on my Youtube video and I may just make something like this on camera.

Finally, why not take the time to spread joy and laughter through bright colours this week… it’s a real mood booster!

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    1. Thank you for commenting Shauna 🙂
      This one sold last year, but I still wanted to keep the flip through video and photos up as inspiration for others making journals.
      So sorry for not making that clearer xoxo

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