DIY “A Year Of Dates” Gift For Your Other Half

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This Christmas, Scott and I decided to do a “12 Gifts of Christmas” challenge where we gave each other one gift a day leading up to Christmas Day.

Naturally, some of those gifts were homemade. On the twelfth day, I thought it would be such a sweet idea to make Scott a DIY “Year of Dates” gift.

DIY 12 Months Of Dates Gift - DIY A Year Of Dates Gift

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The idea is that Scott received a jar of date ideas on Christmas Eve, and starting on Christmas Day, he picks a date from the jar each month and we’ll do that activity sometime in the following month.

We got married on August 25th so the 25th is a special date for us anyway. But you don’t have to make this as a Christmas gift.

It would also make a great gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or a “just because” gift. Here’s how to do it…

DIY “A Year Of Dates” Gift


  • Large mason jar or an empty food jar
  • Year of dates printable (you’ll need to make a copy to edit it)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape
  • (Optional) Other decorative accessories


Step 1: Print or write out your dates

Start by writing out your title, rules and twelve date ideas onto paper or print them out.

You’re welcome to use my tags and date ideas for inspiration. I’ve listed them at the end of this blog post, or you can grab my free year of dates printable now.

Note that you’ll need to make a copy of the Google Doc so you can edit it as needed.

Step 2: Make tiny scrolls

Cut out your twelve dates, and one by one, roll them up and tie them with some twine or ribbon, so they look like pretty little scrolls. Pop each of them in your jar as you do so.

12 dates gift - make scrolls
Taking the date ideas out of the 12 dates gift
Close up of 12 dates gift scrolls

Step 3: Prepare your jar

If you’re upcycling an empty food jar then you’ll need to quickly wash it and remove the old label.

Check that your jar is wide enough for your hand to fit inside it. I used a large Nutella jar for Scott’s year of dates gift, but you could also use a large mason jar instead.

Top Tip: Soak the jar in warm soapy water as this will make it super easy to peel off the old label without leaving a sticky residue.

Step 4: Add your finishing touches

Wrap some wide ribbon around your jar for decoration and neatly tape it in place around the back so it fits your jar snugly.

Close up of 12 months of dates gift decoration

You could also add some extra touches on the front of the ribbon like a coordinating flower, heart or other 3D embellishment.

I opted for a white and gold theme for Scott’s DIY year of dates gift and I added a gold stick-on poinsettia flower for a festive touch.

Next, glue your year of dates label and rules together so they form one gift tag and punch a hole in the corner of it.

Wrap some of the ribbon or twine you used for your scrolls around the top of your jar a few times and slide your gift tag onto the ribbon or twine.

Close up of 12 dates gift tag
Close up of the rules on the 12 dates gift

Tie the twine with a knot to keep everything secure and then finish with a pretty bow at the front.

Top Tip: You could also add some extra decorations just like I’ve done with these mason jar Christmas luminaries and this mason jar Christmas ornament.

And you’re done! Your jar of dates is now ready to pop in a gift bag or just give to your other half as is.

Finished Year Of Dates Gift - 12 Dates Gift

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After all, the main part of the gift is what’s inside and waiting to be discovered throughout the next year!

You could also include some other small gifts inside the jar like chocolates, candies or even faux flowers if you want. Or why not include some thoughtful love coupons inside your jar?

A Year Of Dates Ideas

If you’re stuck on what date ideas to include in your 12 dates gift then you’re welcome to use mine for inspiration.

You can also use my year of dates printable if you wish. Don’t forget to make a copy of the Google Doc so you can edit it as needed.

I wanted to have a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, relaxing and adventurous dates, and budget versus luxury dates, so I went with the following…

❤ A Year Of Dates ❤


On the [INSERT THE DATE OF YOUR ANNIVERSARY] of each month, we’ll pick a date out of the jar, and right there and then (NO EXCUSES!), we’ll plan a date in the month ahead when we’ll do the activity we’ve picked.

Let’s get away!

We’re going to plan our next day trip or trip abroad including putting it in the calendar and booking it!

Something tasty this way comes…

Pick somewhere to eat out we’ve never been before. Bonus points if we go at a different time too (e.g. brunch, afternoon tea, etc).

Thrift stores and hot chocolates

Let’s head to a vintage market, thrift store or car boot sale and pick something out for each other. We’ll also grab a hot drink afterwards somewhere cosy and romantic.

Time to learn something new!

Pick a brand new activity or something new to learn together and LET’S JUST DO IT!

Romance lies ahead…

Choose somewhere with a great view and let’s head there for sunrise and sunset on two different days. Don’t forget the croissants and tea at sunrise and Prosecco at sunset! Bonus points if we stay for stargazing after the sunset too…

Grab your clubs…

We’re going to the driving range and crazy golf course for a mini competition. The loser buys the Starbucks afterwards!

It’s time for a challenge…

We’re going to switch off our phones and all non-essential technology and spend the day together… doing whatever we want OFFLINE!

Grab your swimsuit…

We’re going to a water park!

Let’s get crafty!

Choose an activity to do together that involves our hands such as baking, DIY or making something and let’s HAVE SOME FUN!

It’s DIY time!

Let’s choose a DIY or at-home task we’ve been putting off and pick a day to do it. We’ll make it fun with music, treats, jokes and laughter and we’ll save the wine for after!

Spa Sunday

Let’s spend a Sunday afternoon at the spa together (or do our own at-home spa day) and take some time for ourselves.

Let’s be adventurous!

What’s one adventurous activity we’ve both always wanted to do? LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I hope you enjoy making this sweet year of dates gift. I’m sure your other half is going to LOVE it and that you’ll both have lots of fun together over the next year!

If you make anything inspired by this tutorial then I’d love to see it, so tag me on Instagram @houseofmahalo!

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DIY A Year Of Dates Gift
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