Easy DIY Mason Jar Christmas Ornament

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The idea for this mason jar Christmas ornament came to me entirely by fluke. 

I’d been busy making a whole bunch of snowy Christmas luminaries earlier in the day, and when packing everything away, I was struggling with how to store the rest of my artificial snow. 

The bag was ripped, but I had a spare jar with a lid, so I just started pouring the snow inside it.

I thought the jar looked so sweet when it was half full of snow and that was enough to inspire me to make a decoration out of it. Here’s what I did.

Easy mason jar Christmas ornament DIY

Mason Jar Christmas Ornament Supplies

To make one of these sweet little mason jar Christmas ornaments yourself, you’ll need:

  • Mason jar or any kind of jar that’s wide enough for your snow scene (the one I used was just a recycled Nutella jar!)
  • Christmas characters and figurines for your snow scene (I used two small snowy Christmas trees and a gold Merry Christmas cake topper for mine)
  • Artificial snow
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Winter berries or greenery for decoration

How To Make This Mason Jar Christmas Ornament

Easy DIY Mason Jar Christmas Ornament

Step 1: Clean your jar

Start by cleaning out your jar (if you haven’t already) and dry it thoroughly.

Top Tip: Soak your jar in warm soapy water to help you remove any old food labels that are still on the jar.

Step 2: Add your snow

Pour a little bit of artificial snow into your jar and shake it around a bit. You should find the snow clings to the edges of your jar in a few places so it looks like the snow is falling all around your snowy scene.

Next, pour the rest of your artificial snow into your jar. You’ll want to have around a third of your jar covered with snow.

Top Tip: You could also add some glitter to your snowy mixture to give it a little bit of extra sparkle, but you don’t have to.

Step 3: Make your snowy scene

Add your figurines to your snowy scene by pressing them gently into the snow, so they can stand nice and firm.

You could sprinkle some more snow over your wintery scene, so the trees or characters catch a bit of the falling snow.

Close up of mason jar Christmas ornament

Step 6: Decorate your mason jar

Wrap some twine or ribbon around the top of your jar and knot it into place. But don’t tie your bow just yet!

Instead, slip your winter berries or greenery through the twine, so that they’re loosely held in place. You could also add some little bells to your twine like I did.

Tie your twine in a bow to secure everything neatly. Trim the ends of your bow so the ends are the same length.

And you’re done! Doesn’t it look so cute?

Festive mason jar ornament

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Easy DIY Mason Jar Christmas Ornament
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