Scarily Easy DIY Ghost Decoration For Halloween

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Read on to discover how to make a scarily easy DIY ghost decoration for Halloween. The best bit? You probably already have most of the things you’ll need lying around the house!

Not only is this decoration simple and cheap to make, but I also love that it doubles up as a lantern once the dark and gloomy October evenings hit.

Here’s how to make one just like this:

DIY Halloween ghost decoration

Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Decoration

What you’ll need:


Step 1: Prepare your jar light.

Fill your jar with LED lights or a flameless candle and discard the lid.

IMPORTANT: Do not use real candles for this project as it’s a fire risk!

Turn on the lights if you want to use your ghost as a lantern straightaway.

Step 2: Make your ghost’s body.

Tape your blown-up balloon to the top of your jar so it’s sitting on top of it like a head.

Taping balloon on mason jar

Place your white cotton over your balloon and jar.

You could also secure it with some tape if you’re worried about catching the sheet when you walk past your decoration.

Top Tip: Try to drape your cotton so that it falls away from the bottom of the jar slightly. Otherwise, you end up with more of an alien ghost as you can see in my first attempt:

DIY ghost decoration

Step 3: Give your ghost a face!

Tape your ghost eyes and mouth onto the white sheet or t-shirt.

Double-sided sticky tape is best for this as then you can use your cotton for another project once Halloween is over.

Taping ghost eyes on white sheet

Now simply place your lantern in your window or on a shelf or table and have fun!

And there you have it – a super simple DIY ghost decoration and the perfect last-minute Halloween decoration!

Finished DIY ghost decoration

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Easy DIY Ghost Decoration | Ghost Lantern DIY

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