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My Favourite Etsy Shops For Junk Journal Supplies

Today, I’m giving a shoutout to all my favourite shops on Etsy that sell junk journal supplies – for two reasons. First, who doesn’t love treating themselves to new craft supplies? While you don’t necessarily need any fancy junk journal supplies to get started, it’s a lot of fun to treat ourselves to a few […]

Junk Journal Supplies Organization: Sort It Out Saturday Video Series

I’ve recently launched a junk journal supplies organization video series on my YouTube channel. I’m calling it “Sort It Out Saturday”. Each week, I’ll tackle an area of my craft room or a category of junk journal supplies that are in desperate need of a sort out, destash, declutter and some kind of organization system. […]

Upcycled Junk Journal Folio Flip Through | Junk Journal Ideas

Looking for an example of a junk journal folio? Read on to see my flip through video of a lapbook folio I made recently, which was also completely upcycled! The Inspiration & Story For many years, my favourite pastime has been upcycling, which is probably yet another reason why I love junk journals so much. […]

Shades of Winter Junk Journal Flip Through | Winter Junk Journal Ideas [SOLD]

Looking for winter junk journal ideas? Read on to see my flip through video for an example of a winter junk journal made from sweet wrappers and lace. One of the things I love most about making junk journals is that you can make them out of almost anything… even sweet wrappers! That’s how I […]

Romantic Wedding Junk Journal Flip Through | Wedding Junk Journal Ideas

If you’d like to see an example of a wedding junk journal, then here’s a flip through and more info about one I made recently. I hope you find my blog and video full of inspiring junk journal ideas! When I was first making the cover of my Shades of Winter junk journal (the one […]

Tutorial: Quick & Easy Regency Letter Folding Technique (Jane Austen’s Method!)

If you’ve ever wondered how people like Jane Austen used to fold their letters, then you’re in the right place! Listed below are some instructions for a quick and easy Regency letter folding technique, plus a bonus video version at the end. Once upon a time, paper was very expensive. So, to save on costs, […]

How To Make A Junk Journal Cover With Sweet Wrappers & Lace

Making junk journal covers is one of my favourite parts of this highly addictive craft. But have you ever thought about using sweet wrappers to make one? Feeling intrigued? Read on to find out how to make a junk journal cover with sweet wrappers and lace. Here’s a sneak peek of what your journal cover […]

Christmas Junk Journal Collection 2021: Flip Throughs & Ideas [SOLD]

When I started making junk journals, I noticed a few people talking about Christmas junk journals and something called a “December Daily”. I had various Christmas supplies from previous projects, so I thought it would be fun to make a collection of journals using them. Even though I made them one after the other, each […]

10 Easy Junk Journal Pockets: Ideas & Tutorials

If you look for easy junk journal pockets and ideas on Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube, you’ll probably see hundreds of different variations to try. I remember feeling overwhelmed by all these choices in the beginning. So, I thought it would be handy to put this blog post together and feature some of my favourite junk […]

Altered Book Ideas: Using Margarete Miller’s Collage Prompts For Inspiration

I only discovered the wonderful world of junk journaling earlier this year, which means I have A LOT of catching up to do when it comes to this fun craft. This also means I’m easily a good 8 or 9 months behind with Margarete Miller’s 2021 collage challenge as I only recently heard about it. […]

Junk Journal Definitions | A-Z Junk Journal Glossary For Beginners

If you’re new to junk journaling and are looking for some junk journal definitions to help you out with any of the following questions: What does RAK mean? What’s an ATC card? What even is a junk journal? Then you’ve come to the right place! I had these same questions when I started junk journaling, […]

Pink Chic Junk Journal Ephemera Folio Flip Through | Junk Journal Ideas [SOLD]

Feeling inspired after watching PinkMonarchPrint’s Youtube video, I created my very own junk journal ephemera folio out of envelopes. It’s got lace. It’s got multiple pockets and flip-outs. And it’s got a lot of pink! Scroll down to watch my flip through video and see some photos of how it looks and what’s inside. I […]

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