DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art

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Is your first wedding anniversary coming up? We’ve got the perfect DIY gift for you to make! 

I made this picture for Scott a few years ago as a gift for Valentine’s Day. The tree is made out of song lyrics from our song: “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. 

DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Framed Wall Art

Lucky for us we chose “Thinking Out Loud” as our first dance song all these years later when we finally did get married otherwise I might have had to make another one!

As it was a few years ago now, I can’t remember exactly where the inspiration came from but Pinterest was probably involved!

Anyway, as our own first wedding anniversary comes ever closer, it got me thinking that this picture would make a fantastic paper wedding anniversary gift. 

Not only does it look good and is personalised but the tree is made out of a sheet of song lyrics that could very easily be from your first dance song.

DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art

And voila! We have some romantic DIY first dance song lyrics wall art that’s easy to make and will surely make you and your other half smile and remember happy memories from your special day for years to come.

Here’s how to make this framed wall art and what supplies you need…

DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art [Framed]

What You Need

To make this romantic first dance song lyrics wall art, you probably have most things lying around the house or in your craft stash. 

But just in case, here’s what you need:

Our DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art

How To Make This First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art

1. Copy and paste your chosen song lyrics into a landscape Word document or Google Doc and choose an easy to read font like Arial, Georgia or Roboto.

2. To get a complete song lyric tree, you need to fill up your A4 piece of paper with the song lyrics, so don’t use paragraphs for verses. Just keep as much text as you can on each line using fullstops and commas to help separate the sentences out.

3. Using bold fonts, italics and capital letters, emphasise some of the most romantic words from the song. Or if it’s not a traditional first dance song, just emphasise your favourite words or the words that mean the most to you and your other half.

4. Print your song lyrics onto an A4 sheet of paper.

5. Draw around your tree template onto the sheet of song lyrics and cut it out. You should now have a tree shape full of beautiful song lyrics with some of the words bolded, italicised and capitalised.

6. Draw a love heart onto the song lyric tree with a black marker pen. This is the tree’s “love knot”. You can draw it wherever you like just as long as it takes pride of place.

7. If you want, draw around the outer edge of the tree to help give it some definition.

8. Using sticky pads to get a 3D effect, stick your song lyric tree onto your cream cardstock.

9. Tie two sets of ribbon or twine around your tree branch and let the rest of the ribbon hang down from the tree. This is where your hearts will sit so you might want to measure your ribbon.

10. Cut out two hearts of the same size from your red cardstock and another two hearts slightly smaller than these two.

11. Write each of your names on the smaller hearts using your black permanent marker and draw around the edges of all four hearts to give them definition.

12. Using sticky pads, attach the smaller hearts to the front of each of the larger hearts and stick them on top of your cardstock and over the ribbon so it looks like the hearts are hanging from the tree. 

And you’re done! Now all that’s left to do is pop your tree in a simple frame and give it to your other half as a unique paper wedding anniversary gift or Valentine’s Day gift. 

TOP TIP: If preferred, you can also embellish your tree or the empty background with flowers, leaves or butterflies. We kept ours simple but your tastes might be different 🙂

DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art (Framed)

We hope you have fun making this first dance song lyrics wall art! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @houseofmahalo if you do make it as we’d love to see it!

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DIY First Dance Song Lyrics Wall Art

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